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We Are Curiosity 

Curiosity UnLtd is a disruptive think & do tank for changemakers and activists. Together it's our business to make racial equity everyone's business for good. 
At Curiosity UnLtd, we proudly stand on the shoulders of giants. We are inspired by the vision of Martin Luther King's Dream. Also, the purposeful activism and active allyship of the Bristol Bus Boycott which led to the creation of the Race Relations Act. This peaceful protest began on April 29th 1963. It ended on August 28th 1963, the same day that Martin Luther King made his I Have A Dream speach. 
So, as 2023 is the joint 60th anniversary of these pivotal moments in racial justice Curiosity UnLtd was compelled to launch #RaceForPower. 

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I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. 
#RaceForPower launched on Martin Luther King’s birthday with a giant card at the toppled statue of Edward Colston. You can check out our launch event video below. Also, here's some of our coverage from the BBC website, on the Politics West Show and in Bristol 247. 
Powered by the spirit of curiosity, #RaceForPower explores the state of Martin Luther King's Dream today, if it still matters, if so what can be done to make it a reality. And as part of this we are crowd-sourcing people's ideas to co-create a grassroots-led blueprint for change.  

#RaceForPower Launch 

We Have A Dream  

We have a dream to elevate Bristol from the 7th worst to the best UK city for people of colour to live by 2030. And as we are all stakeholders in Kings Dream, we need your help to make it a reality. 
You can join the #RaceForPower movement in 4 easy steps: 
Pick and answer any of the 3 questions below. 
Take a selfie of your answer and get creative with it. 
Share with us and your networks.  
Tag #RaceForPower, @Curiosity_Unltd and follow us. 
Hot Off The Press 
We are pleased to share that we've teamed up with First Bus, Bristol Festival of Ideas and Creative Connex for Drive For Change. Launched 60 years to the day that the Bristol Bus Boycott began, Drive For Change is a year long campaign that incldes a competition to wrap a double-decker bus, vox pops on the buses and a series of activities to say a big thankyou. To enter the design competition or to find out more visit 



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